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Dryer Vent Cleaning

Save money by having Crystal Maintenance clean your dryer vent. 

Our uniformed technicians use the same powerful vacuum equipment for your clothes dryer vent as we do for a heating/cooling air duct system. Specialized tools clean the entire vent from the dryer to the outside of your home.

How can cleaning the dryer vent save me money? 

By keeping you dryer vent cleaned properly, you can avoid many problems and costs associated with your normal daily drying. 

What are the costs associated with a dryer that is not cleaned properly?

  • Increased gas utility costs due to restricted air flow. Restricted air flow, lint buildup, and moisture flow can cause overheating that prevents fast drying action. When this happens, the temperature limit safety switches cycle on and off continuously and will fail over a period of time. The higher costs of operation and possibility of a dangerous dryer fire exist in an unclean dryer vent.  If you dry just 2 loads of clothes a day for approximately 30 minutes each, your average daily cost is around $.60 per day.  By cleaning your dryer vent you will save at least $53 a year in energy costs.  Because your dryer vent should be cleaned every 3 to 5 years, you will end up saving much more than you will spend on a cleaning.
  • Damage to expensive clothes by not having consistent heat or by clothes getting hotter than they should.
  • Overheating that can actually cause a dryer Fire! Improper maintenance is the leading cause of dryer fires with lint being the material that ignites.  A clogged clothes dryer vent has a large amount of lint spread throughout the vent pipe. Lint is an extremely flammable material. A clogged vent will cause a clothes dryer to run hotter and increase the chance that something could catch fire. A clean clothes dryer vent substantially reduces the possibility of a fire.
  • Drying times in excess of 45 minutes!  Think of the time savings by cutting this time by half.  Anytime drying time is very long, more that 35-45 minutes, you should have your dryer vent cleaned.
  • Possible fumes in your home that can be dangerous.

Have your dryer vent cleaned every 3 to 5 years.

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